Artist Statement

My body has been crafted from the genetic history of my ancestors with all their familial features and traits, sewn inside me from the very moment of my conception. It is a body that holds my emotions and houses my anatomy, my energy and my memories.

But my body is a fragile and vulnerable entity. It has been compromised by its own genetic history and the genetic flaw I have inherited from my mother, which sits silently within me, waiting to inflict a malaise that lies beyond my control. Since childhood I have viewed my body as both good and bad; a friend that offers life, but also a vessel damaged by its own genetic structure. It is the union of these opposing forces - the struggle between biological determinism and self-will -that has led me to explore the subject of the body and its inherited DNA.

Through photography and sculpture I look for an interpretation of this co-existence of the healthy and the sick. The work often begins with a photograph of my body, contorted through performance into a sculptural form, and physically overlaid with a knitted or crafted representation of the internal genetic flaw. Put together, the body perfect is enveloped with the genetic imperfection, dragged from the inside into the revealing light of the external view. The final pieces weave together the emotional struggle we all have between biological determinism and the desire for free will.